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If you’ve been in the dating scene for a while now, chances are that you already have a good idea of what there is to know about dating.

By the time you get into the fourth date, you probably have a dating routine going with the person you’re seeing.

While it’s all about first impressions, don’t be hard on your date or yourself. And just because you know some things about them doesn’t mean it ends there.

Give each other a chance to make a few boo-boos here and there. The person you’re dating may leave a significant mark on your life, and may even be the person you’ll marry and have kids with. Continue to get to know them better, listen attentively and genuinely, and show interest in the things that they like.

Some can be fast and aggressive, while others prefer to take things slowly.

By this time, you already have an idea about how your date prefers to take your relationship.

If you’ve played your cards right during the first three dates, then you know what to expect on the fourth date… It’s during this critical fourth date that the magic usually happens. So if you haven’t had sex with your date during the fourth date, it could mean a few things.

You may need to speed things up because you’re not going anywhere near your date’s pants, or one of you may not be that interested in moving from dating to being in a relationship.

So just go with the flow and don’t let the sexual tension pressure you to drop your pants. On the fourth date, you want to make sure that you get to know your date so much better to find out if you’re really compatible.

Usually, this happens by the end of the date, so be ready for that goodnight kiss.

[Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically] #9 Don’t pressure for sex.

Prepare for the fourth date as if it were your first date and anticipate it with the same excitement.

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